Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weekly Digg 04-03-07 Evolutionary Stupid

Hello folks I hope that you all had a plenty of laughs this past April fool day. Though you might not be the prankster yourself, however there is nothing like a good laugh after you been bamboozled by your mischievous friends. It's ok just laugh it off and make sure next time you invited him or her to your party make sure that you get them shitface and just for a sweet revenge kick his ass too. Also I believe that in the land of Christiandom, Palm Sunday was celebrated in the honor of the top guy J.C himself. So wouldn't that be splendid if Kirk Sato is presenting this Weekly Digg on the topic of most controversial in the Bible happyland, Evolution. That's right just sit back and enjoy, if God has his hand on evolution some of those clip might just be a perfect example of the Intelligent design or the lack there of. So Let's begin.

 Weekly Digg 04-03-07 Evolutionary Stupid

So what if the natural selection only care about quantity than quality, despites our best effort in human intellectual evolution, yet vastly population of human still unexplainably stupid. If you don't believe this just run down to your local food chain restaurant and try to find a waiter who could say more than 3 syllables word in a sentence. This clip is an intro to one of my all time soon to be a cult classic "Idiocracy"by Mike Judge. If you've ever wondered why everyone seems to be getting stupider with each passing year, then watch this scene and bask in its great revelation.

Idiocracy R Us

Have you ever wonder how the evolution process is like? Well if you happen to been raised in the Bible Belt territories with the belief that God created everything including the Ginie. Then just have no fear and let the Simpson show you a concise version on the Theory of Evolution.
Let There be Dohh !!!

Religion in Cinema Terminator meets Jesus
Heck I don't you know about you this sure beat watching the Passion of Christ.....

Sex Bytes of The Week
Sheer Human Stupidity
What does a rotten  56-foot-long whale sushi could prove humanity utmost idiocracy? By having it transported on a truck headed for a necropsy by researchers, when gases from internal decay caused its entrails to explode in the southern city of Tainan. Also, more than 100 Tainan city residents, mostly men, have reportedly gone to see the corpse to 'experience' the size of its 5-foot penis.

60-ton Sperm Whale explodes in Taiwan Traffic - Blood and Guts everywhere

The Coolest Evolution Game Ever

Spore is a PC game under development by Maxis and designed by Will Wright. The game has drawn wide attention for its promise to simulate the development of a species through open-ended, on-the-fly, user-guided evolution. Here is a cool 18 minutes demo of a PC game that will change the industry forever this coming Q1 2008

Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekly Digg 03-26-07

   Yup Yup just as I promise to you all that the return of the Weekly Digg shall come when my writing muse has return. Well one thing is certain Kirk Sato will be writing quite a few of this for many weeks to come since my current project with my previous employer has been terminated. Well at least I got my pay and I will be sitting around being a bum until I'll hit up Singapore this summer. So for the mean time, it is my pleasure for me to entertain you all with the Weekly Digg free of charge. Alright let's get this show on the roll.

Weekly Digg 03-26-07 Hollyshitwood Edition

Homeless James Bond

Homeless Bond uses his wits and garbage to stop the mastermind of the homeless underworld. So Dr evil himself could raise his social status to poor.

The Hype of the 300

Unless you have been hiding under a rock down in Iran or may be just a crazy Iranian president. Then you all must have experienced one of the most gangsta bloody Spartan movie of all time. Also allow me to make a statement for all those
shenanigans historian who are criticizing the accuracy of this film. Well it's like trying to understand the Roman history through the Mona Lisa, it's a god damm comic book after all so just enjoy it.  Here is one of the best story on the street worth sharing to you all.

"Well i found out someone i know is in alot of trouble today, he was drunk in a club and there was a girl dancing by some stairs so he went up to her........................ Kicked her down the stairs shouting this is SPARTA"

For the complete list of the sotry please visit

300 PG Version

Sexbytes of the Week

Anti-rape Device to Hit the Market

That's right folks a dude worse night mare has arrived thanks to this Dark Ages wisdom of a South Africans women. The Anti-rape device created by South-African inventor Sonnet Ehlers is about to hit the market after a long time of waiting for patent verification. The female condom-like device called Rapex has fish-like teeth that attach to the penis. imagine fish teeth on your penise whoaaa

The Real Big Brother
So if you are a fan of reality television such as Big Brother then you might be a little terrified by this. Appreantly the goverment of the free world was loving such a entertainment surverllance so much, now the star will be you 24-7. Take Great Britain for example, Over 4 million cameras, being retro-fitted w/speaker systems. Yelling out orders to people like a concentration camp. Doesn't sound like V for Vendetta at all. If you want people to be nice or clean up more, have it a point for every citizen to do public service much like some country's requirement for military service.So watch out America this show will be coming to you soon !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Quick Update

Well it has been two months since the last transmission of my blog; yes mostly the negligence could most be blame to the whirlwind of my chaotic life for the past few months. For the closest of friends in Dallas would know, perhaps the lady luck has been so kind enough to look down upon me. Despites several mishaps about my career since the beginning of the year, finally the dust have settled. Though I could never recover all of the money that I was promised to received, however half is better than nothing. As of now I have settled down in Thailand for a long run, probably for a year or two finish my promise with my family of having a degree for once. Even though I could really careless about this whole artificial credential paper, I finally could make some sense of stability in my life. I can happily turn my back to those who cheated me and stab me in Bangkok with a one finger salute to them all (which two of them happen to be my own aunt). At least for now I will gather up all the ashes and start off new with my Japanese stepmom and my little brother.

For my friends in Dallas whom are wondering about my well being in Bangkok, I got to be honest to you all. Though Thailand might not be the best cup of tea when it comes to the creature comfort like in the US, with all the technological efficiency to feed any desirable appetites. However one thing I would never miss about Dallas is the cops, on the contrary the cops in Bangkok are way more reasonable when it comes to misdemeanor which can reasonably deal with dollars and sense. Also with help from my Japanese mom, now I even have the opprotuniy to venture to Japan this coming summer. So overall the party life and my own blood family support is a right mixture for a great time in Bangkok for this remaining year to come. I believe that things are happen for a reason, not because the man upstairs would care so much about me which I would never want it to be that way anyhow (plus owning him a favor is definitely not a good thing). But I have a sense of belonging that it is time for me to grow up into another mature individual, by helping little brother to excel as a well rounded teenager mean paramount to me more than own success for now. So when I will be back to Dallas? Which is on everyone of my closest friends might ask, well one thing for certain you might see me back there sooner than you expected so watch out. So for the time being stay tune and let Kirk Sato has his great little adventure in this wonderland call the Southeast Asia.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weekly Digg 02-02-07 - Doing the Japanese

Hello folks sorry for a brief disappearance from the ever shorter attention span of the online world. Unfortunately Kirk Sato has gotten a job promotion and it's not the kind that come with perks of power Armani suit and the corporate jet. However it just happens that I got a better title on my business card with the same pay and longer working hours. So you could imagine that my creative juice got snag out by the adjusting work period. Let just say that I now spend 3 hours of my everyday, commuting in this great city of Bangkok which happen to be my new locale for my physical presence at the movement. Well enough about my poor pissed excuse of being just sheer lazy, before we begin I would like to make a couple of announcements about my blogging affair. First thank you for my frequent readers of the Weekly Digg, especially my Korean hotness Kimchi who actually motivated me with a friendly reminder that somebody ought to wake Kirk up on the blogging session, so thanks Kimchi now I will make it even more spicy. Additionally to make it up for you all, I decided to create my new column for the weekend which I still not quite sure which day would be preferable between Friday and Saturday. Due to a great success of a mini section of the Weekly Sexbytes, now I'm proud to introduce the Pink Spot on the weekly basis which will be a blog dedicating to the dystopian sex, hey what else do you expect there are two things that I have the passion for and one of them is sex. So enough with the gibberish and let's move on to the Weekly Digg

Doing the Japanese Edition !

Sushi How to
Ever wonder of the ancient secret of the Japanese dining etiquettes of sushi ? Well look no further and get your knowledge on this no ordinary vids on the raw fish fine dining. Watch out don't let this mundane atmosphere fool you.

Japaneses Fembot.
The Japanese are fascinated with robots, and they are fascinated with sex, so of course, as any of you who follow the development of humanoid robots know, the Japanese are definitely fascinated with robot girls and future sex robots. This is a short television commercial by either or both Japanese mobile phone carriers KDDI and Tu-Ka. It is intriguing to watch how they have incorporated a female robot into it.

Nihonji Viral
A routine put together by some Japanese dancers to promote the Uniqlo clothing brand. Their ability to emulate pauses, slo-mo, and fast forwarding is amazing. It's amazing how viral advertisement could help even though the clothing company is virtually unknown outside of Japan so get your robot groove on.

Luke Be the Plane
Interested in joining the Japanese Air Force? I am, after seeing a picture of their recruits in action:

Apparently they take a very zen-like approach to flying: first learning to “be the plane” before flying it. Either that, or they have connected their 330 combat aircraft to Nintendo Wiimotes for remote control fun over the internet.

Alright folks that is for the Weekly Digg this week and hope you all will enjoy this fashionably late edition, plus stay tune for the back to back launch of the Pink Spot right after this blog if you want to entertain what's in your pant.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Weeky Digg 01-15-2007 - Politically Insane Edition

Hello fellas and welcome back to yet another mindless entertainment of the Weekly Digg. As I hope everyone in the Pan handle of the dirty southern states are not freezing their butts of to death, also I would like to send shout out to the folks in the OK state hang tight or get some moonshine. Because you all going to need it for a few days to weather out the snowstorm. Anyhow this edition of the Weekly Digg I would like to start off with some comment response s from my infamous blog grinding down on the iPhone this past weekend. One thing was certain, that was one of my most view blog yet to date. And of course Kirk Sato himself did received some commendations and barrage of death threats, here is one of the few good ones

“Is this what we have to look forward to till June? pissy little fuckers that can't stand that apple makes good products, and feel they need to make their "why this product will fail" blog entry and share it... seriously, go fuck yourself.”
I believe this is a comment made by Dr. Grant Roberts . Well exactly what kind of doctor you’re professional of, obvious cursing at ramdom folks. Hey if you can’t write cursive you always speak of one right the nutty professor? So I responded to him in kindly of course with this, “I guess Mac fan like to curse a lot, so uncivilized unlike the phone”. Then I got inspired by this mad man and the thundering hypes of the iPhone, without further adieu I give you Politically Insane Edition

Politics of iPhone

What do you get when an unproven gadget for a mobile industry presenting by the best hype man in the tech industry, Steve Job? A 2 hours bonanza of how the iPhone would reinvent the wheel of course. If you don’t believe me check out the video.

Nevetheless, you can't say that iPhone is the greatest device since slice bread unless you test it in the field. So I give the full instruction of what you iPhone is capable of.

Multi-Purpose iPhone

Last but not least on the social commentary of the iPhone I turn to a great insight of the Colbert Report on the future of Apple, Inc. without the Computer in it. "You're still a nerd, even with a cool trendy haircut".

Wag the iPhone

This past year I've seen a fair share of crazy politicians on C-SPAN, for example the Net Nuetrality nemesis Sen. Ted Stevens aka the Tube guy. However my faith in the US politic has reach a new low today when this dude Rep. David Wu, made a great insight of the Bush administration comparing it to the Startrek politics. Nerd alert !!!

Crazy Klingon Politicians

Sex Bytes of the Week

So have you ever wonder what it means to be gay? Well if the Republicans have their ways of defining homosexuality for guys, it would be somewhat similiar to this definition.