Monday, January 15, 2007

Weeky Digg 01-15-2007 - Politically Insane Edition

Hello fellas and welcome back to yet another mindless entertainment of the Weekly Digg. As I hope everyone in the Pan handle of the dirty southern states are not freezing their butts of to death, also I would like to send shout out to the folks in the OK state hang tight or get some moonshine. Because you all going to need it for a few days to weather out the snowstorm. Anyhow this edition of the Weekly Digg I would like to start off with some comment response s from my infamous blog grinding down on the iPhone this past weekend. One thing was certain, that was one of my most view blog yet to date. And of course Kirk Sato himself did received some commendations and barrage of death threats, here is one of the few good ones

“Is this what we have to look forward to till June? pissy little fuckers that can't stand that apple makes good products, and feel they need to make their "why this product will fail" blog entry and share it... seriously, go fuck yourself.”
I believe this is a comment made by Dr. Grant Roberts . Well exactly what kind of doctor you’re professional of, obvious cursing at ramdom folks. Hey if you can’t write cursive you always speak of one right the nutty professor? So I responded to him in kindly of course with this, “I guess Mac fan like to curse a lot, so uncivilized unlike the phone”. Then I got inspired by this mad man and the thundering hypes of the iPhone, without further adieu I give you Politically Insane Edition

Politics of iPhone

What do you get when an unproven gadget for a mobile industry presenting by the best hype man in the tech industry, Steve Job? A 2 hours bonanza of how the iPhone would reinvent the wheel of course. If you don’t believe me check out the video.

Nevetheless, you can't say that iPhone is the greatest device since slice bread unless you test it in the field. So I give the full instruction of what you iPhone is capable of.

Multi-Purpose iPhone

Last but not least on the social commentary of the iPhone I turn to a great insight of the Colbert Report on the future of Apple, Inc. without the Computer in it. "You're still a nerd, even with a cool trendy haircut".

Wag the iPhone

This past year I've seen a fair share of crazy politicians on C-SPAN, for example the Net Nuetrality nemesis Sen. Ted Stevens aka the Tube guy. However my faith in the US politic has reach a new low today when this dude Rep. David Wu, made a great insight of the Bush administration comparing it to the Startrek politics. Nerd alert !!!

Crazy Klingon Politicians

Sex Bytes of the Week

So have you ever wonder what it means to be gay? Well if the Republicans have their ways of defining homosexuality for guys, it would be somewhat similiar to this definition.


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