Saturday, February 03, 2007

Weekly Digg 02-02-07 - Doing the Japanese

Hello folks sorry for a brief disappearance from the ever shorter attention span of the online world. Unfortunately Kirk Sato has gotten a job promotion and it's not the kind that come with perks of power Armani suit and the corporate jet. However it just happens that I got a better title on my business card with the same pay and longer working hours. So you could imagine that my creative juice got snag out by the adjusting work period. Let just say that I now spend 3 hours of my everyday, commuting in this great city of Bangkok which happen to be my new locale for my physical presence at the movement. Well enough about my poor pissed excuse of being just sheer lazy, before we begin I would like to make a couple of announcements about my blogging affair. First thank you for my frequent readers of the Weekly Digg, especially my Korean hotness Kimchi who actually motivated me with a friendly reminder that somebody ought to wake Kirk up on the blogging session, so thanks Kimchi now I will make it even more spicy. Additionally to make it up for you all, I decided to create my new column for the weekend which I still not quite sure which day would be preferable between Friday and Saturday. Due to a great success of a mini section of the Weekly Sexbytes, now I'm proud to introduce the Pink Spot on the weekly basis which will be a blog dedicating to the dystopian sex, hey what else do you expect there are two things that I have the passion for and one of them is sex. So enough with the gibberish and let's move on to the Weekly Digg

Doing the Japanese Edition !

Sushi How to
Ever wonder of the ancient secret of the Japanese dining etiquettes of sushi ? Well look no further and get your knowledge on this no ordinary vids on the raw fish fine dining. Watch out don't let this mundane atmosphere fool you.

Japaneses Fembot.
The Japanese are fascinated with robots, and they are fascinated with sex, so of course, as any of you who follow the development of humanoid robots know, the Japanese are definitely fascinated with robot girls and future sex robots. This is a short television commercial by either or both Japanese mobile phone carriers KDDI and Tu-Ka. It is intriguing to watch how they have incorporated a female robot into it.

Nihonji Viral
A routine put together by some Japanese dancers to promote the Uniqlo clothing brand. Their ability to emulate pauses, slo-mo, and fast forwarding is amazing. It's amazing how viral advertisement could help even though the clothing company is virtually unknown outside of Japan so get your robot groove on.

Luke Be the Plane
Interested in joining the Japanese Air Force? I am, after seeing a picture of their recruits in action:

Apparently they take a very zen-like approach to flying: first learning to “be the plane” before flying it. Either that, or they have connected their 330 combat aircraft to Nintendo Wiimotes for remote control fun over the internet.

Alright folks that is for the Weekly Digg this week and hope you all will enjoy this fashionably late edition, plus stay tune for the back to back launch of the Pink Spot right after this blog if you want to entertain what's in your pant.


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