Monday, March 26, 2007

Weekly Digg 03-26-07

   Yup Yup just as I promise to you all that the return of the Weekly Digg shall come when my writing muse has return. Well one thing is certain Kirk Sato will be writing quite a few of this for many weeks to come since my current project with my previous employer has been terminated. Well at least I got my pay and I will be sitting around being a bum until I'll hit up Singapore this summer. So for the mean time, it is my pleasure for me to entertain you all with the Weekly Digg free of charge. Alright let's get this show on the roll.

Weekly Digg 03-26-07 Hollyshitwood Edition

Homeless James Bond

Homeless Bond uses his wits and garbage to stop the mastermind of the homeless underworld. So Dr evil himself could raise his social status to poor.

The Hype of the 300

Unless you have been hiding under a rock down in Iran or may be just a crazy Iranian president. Then you all must have experienced one of the most gangsta bloody Spartan movie of all time. Also allow me to make a statement for all those
shenanigans historian who are criticizing the accuracy of this film. Well it's like trying to understand the Roman history through the Mona Lisa, it's a god damm comic book after all so just enjoy it.  Here is one of the best story on the street worth sharing to you all.

"Well i found out someone i know is in alot of trouble today, he was drunk in a club and there was a girl dancing by some stairs so he went up to her........................ Kicked her down the stairs shouting this is SPARTA"

For the complete list of the sotry please visit

300 PG Version

Sexbytes of the Week

Anti-rape Device to Hit the Market

That's right folks a dude worse night mare has arrived thanks to this Dark Ages wisdom of a South Africans women. The Anti-rape device created by South-African inventor Sonnet Ehlers is about to hit the market after a long time of waiting for patent verification. The female condom-like device called Rapex has fish-like teeth that attach to the penis. imagine fish teeth on your penise whoaaa

The Real Big Brother
So if you are a fan of reality television such as Big Brother then you might be a little terrified by this. Appreantly the goverment of the free world was loving such a entertainment surverllance so much, now the star will be you 24-7. Take Great Britain for example, Over 4 million cameras, being retro-fitted w/speaker systems. Yelling out orders to people like a concentration camp. Doesn't sound like V for Vendetta at all. If you want people to be nice or clean up more, have it a point for every citizen to do public service much like some country's requirement for military service.So watch out America this show will be coming to you soon !


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